Great Emerging Travel Destinations and Tips for Traveling

As adventure travelers search for destinations more off the beaten track and under the radar, some countries traditionally perceived as less safe for travelers are becoming more and more appealing. These emerging travel destinations are often just out of political unrest and usually the neighbor of a much more tourist-friendly country. They also offer bragging rights for adventure travelers, who rank destinations like Laos, Lebanon and Nicaragua high on their bucket list.

And, rightly so. Laos, the landlocked country between Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, has an eclectic French culture interlaced with the island feel from the luxury villas on the Mekong River. Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut, attracts travelers interested in culture, religion, food, clubbing, and the beautiful sandy beaches with their diverse history. After thousands of surfers and honeymooners alike began flocking to Costa Rica, Nicaragua is now becoming the go-to Central American country for adventure hungry tourists who want to see the rainforest, hike in active volcanoes and hang ten without the crowds.

But don’t let the beauty of these countries and your own adrenaline get the best of you. They are emerging destinations for a reason and, as a traveler; you need to take precautions to make sure your adventure is with your travel excursions, not your safety.

For six tips for traveling to emerging destinations and to read more, click here!

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