Tips to “Stay Adventurous”

by Craig Zabransky – Stay Adventurous

When we take vacations we smile. We laugh. We have fun. We enjoy our time away from daily routines. Travel also includes activities a bit outside our comfort zone. We tend to be more adventurous on holiday. Even on the plane ride home we vow to make changes to our routine; we vow to live differently. And although we have the best of intentions, before long we fall back into our old patterns, into our old routines. Adventure is left for the next vacation.

I’ll admit I’ve lived out this pattern. I’ve returned to my desk job with a more adventurous attitude only to find the changes didn’t last. So I’d count the days until my next trip and the chance to fully feel alive again. It was only after a two-week adventure sailing the Greek Isles that I once and for all decided to keep to my promise and live a life of daily adventures.

You may say that’s easy for a travel photographer and writer. “But” I hear you saying, “How can I do that? I am not leaving my job.”I say it’s easy to start, click here to see how you can tap into your senses and live that adventure every day.

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