The Top Five Travel Blunders

 Only in travel can you lose yourself, and discover yourself at the same time. The problem is, discovering yourself can sometimes be a messy business. If there’s one thing to expect while traveling, it’s that things won’t always go according plan, assuming you have one. Sometimes, that’s when the fun begins. Here are our picks as the top five travel blunders to avoid.

 Overpacking. Packing too much can be more than just a pain in the back. In addition to the inconvenience of hauling around everything but the kitchen sink, you’ll be baggy-eyed when you see the extra cost you’ll be hit with to check your heavy haul. Fees can range from $50 to $100 on every flight of your itinerary. Some airlines are even imposing fees per carry-on bag. Keep it to one piece of luggage and your trip will be in the bag.

 Procrastination. No one can plan for everything, but when you wait until the last minute to book airline tickets, you open yourself to sticker shock at the check-out. Although you can sometimes grab a great last-minute deal, don’t count on it. Tickets tend to increase in price the closer you get to your departure date. If you can, try to book months out from your trip – and buy yourself something nice with the money you’ll save.

 Impatience. Let’s face it. When you travel, you’re going to run into the unexpected. Expect it. And when you do, the worst thing you can do is to lose your cool. Whether you’re in airport security or in flight, remember, the people around you are doing the best that they can. Getting frustrated or angry won’t get you there any faster. Know your TSA rules mind your manners and keep a lid on it, and you’ll make your trip easier for everyone, including yourself.

 Underestimating. When you’re in a new or unfamiliar part of the world, it’s easy to underestimate distances, time and money. Many a road warrior has missed a return departure due to misjudged traffic conditions. For example, a marathon or other sporting event can divide a city in half and result in hours-long delays. Do yourself a favor; ask your hotel concierge about peak traffic hours or if there are any special events in the area that might impact travel.

 Risking it. The unpredictability of travel means it’s nice to have 24/7 assistance in case something goes wrong. Spending a few extra bucks on a travel insurance plan can cover your investment and the 24/7 Assistance Services can help you order/review credit bureau records, work with law enforcement on your behalf, investigate identity theft, rebook hotels and flights and more. To learn more about how a travel insurance plan can cover and assist you, ask your travel agent, call 1.800.826.1300 or log onto
Click here for more tips on avoiding travel blunders.



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