Prescription for Disaster?

Cheryl M. of California was off to visit family in Canada on what was sure to be a spectacular Holiday vacation. It was the day before Christmas Eve, and her hopes were set high as she thought of her warm homecoming and spending time with loved ones.

Exiting the plane she could feel the spirit of the holiday season in the air. As she went to pick up her luggage at the carousel, children were running around- all aglow with the excitement of the festive season as their parents looked on. People came and went from the carousel until every bit of luggage was gone. But where were her belongings?

Cheryl’s heart skipped a beat when she realized that her vital prescription medications were also packed in her luggage- which was nowhere in sight.  It was late in the evening, and the pharmacies would surely be closed by now. And, even if they were open, in Canada she knew that she would need to see a local physician to get a new prescription written. What would she do?

Without a second thought, Cheryl phonedTravel Guardand informed them of the situation. Within a matter of minutes,Travel Guardcalled back with the name of a walk-in clinic that was open in the evening where she would be able to see a physician and have her prescription refilled.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Cheryl could now be on her way to see her family.


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