Five things to know before filing a claim

When you travel, things happen. Just like in everyday life, mishaps can happen, be it lost luggage, a sickness away from home, or something else. The last thing you want to think about is filing a travel insurance claim, but it’s important to be aware that you will need to provide actual proof of reason to file your claim in addition to common documentation. Many travelers don’t realize that if they do not have valid copies of receipts, forms and documentation to support their travel insurance claim it may impact the claim review process.

As with all insurance policies, we encourage you to review the insurance policy closely, to ensure you are purchasing the policy that will appropriately cover you for the type of trip you are taking. Depending on the type of claim you are filing, the required documentation will vary, but we’ve put together a basic and generalized list to give you a sense of the documentation that may be necessary to file a claim and/or support your claim loss.

  1. Receipts for claimed expenses such as:
    • Lost/stolen/damaged personal possessions or baggage
    • Medical expenses
    • Additional meal and accommodation expenses
    • Clothing, toiletries, and other necessary personal effects
  1. Copies of reports for an accident or baggage loss such as:
    • Accident report
    • Police report
    • Incident report
    • Irregularity report
    • Medical Reports
  1. Proof of payment for claimed expenses such as:
    • Paid trip invoice
    • Credit card statement
    • Bank statement
  1. Completed Claim forms for claims due to medical reasons such as:
    • Medical certificate claim form completed by your physician
    • Statement from your physician indicating the reason for medical treatment
    • Signed authorization for release of information form
  1. Documents or Statements for claims such as:
    • Document from the carrier verifying the reason for cancellation/delay
    • Statement from employer indicating the years of employment with the company and the need for the employee to be at work
    • Written statement from the insured as to the reason for the claim
    • Copy of a death certificate with cause of death

Please be aware that you will need to take some time to gather required documentation (which may be tedious at times). However, this may be necessary to properly submit the claim.  Providing the information up front should help make the claim filing procedure more seamless in order for the claims customer service team to follow their due diligence protocols and eventually provide you with a claims coverage decision.

The above is only a brief description of the information that may be required to review and process your claim. The policy may contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. Coverage may not be available in all states or outside the U.S. Please refer to your specific Description of Coverage (DOC).


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