Reasons to Love Cruising

If you are planning a vacation in 2014, have you considered booking a cruise? Cruises can be an easy vacation to plan and offer the ability to see multiple destinations, enjoy gourmet food and a variety of onboard activities all in the same getaway. Read on for five reasons to love cruises/cruising.

See Multiple Destinations: If you’ve ever wanted to vacation in several different destinations without the hassle of coordinating multiple travel legs and unpacking then repacking everything at each destination, you might appreciate taking a cruise. While cruising, a traveler only need unpack once in their assigned room and let the cruise ship escort them to each port of call.

Gourmet Food Included: Oftentimes, dining out can quickly run up a traveler’s budget. Luckily, on a cruise travelers can choose from a myriad of different food options which are included with the cost of the cruise. Many vessels host various restaurants, bars and snack shops where passengers can eat as much as they like, sampling the many choices. This can be a great way for cruisers to try something new and exotic at an all-inclusive price without worry about the final bill every night.

Variety of Onboard Activities: You’ll never be bored with all the potential activities aboard a cruise ship. Depending upon the type of cruise you take, you could enjoy cooking classes, participate in rock-climbing, line dancing, wine-tasting, casino games, and go to a spa, fitness facility, or even a library.

It’s All About You: No matter if you’re family focused, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a single person looking to socialize, there is a cruise for you. Today, cruises are focused on providing activities and experiences that are dedicated to your current interests. For example, there are adventure cruises that can take you on an adrenaline-pumping expedition, luxury cruises that offer guests star treatment for the duration of their cruise, and even theme park cruises.

Easy to Plan: Whether you choose to plan your cruise via travel agent or by yourself, cruises are easy to plan when you know multiple destinations, great food and activities can all be bundled into one package deal. That takes the stress off you (or your travel agent). All you have to do is catch your flight, make it to your original place of embarkation and say “hello” to new experiences.

No matter what type of cruise you plan to take in 2014 and beyond, here are 10 reasons to remember to pack a travel insurance plan.

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