Travel According to your New Year’s Resolution

According to the U.S. government, some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to get fit, save money, take a trip or to volunteer.1 We’d also like to think that some resolutions include going on a new adventure or even feeding the senses to fully enjoy this thing called life. Read on for several ways that travel can help you fulfill some of your New Year’s resolutions.

Travel Fit: Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to get fit in the New Year? Don’t let travel stop you. Why not plan travel to some of the fittest places in America to keep that free, fit spirit going throughout the New Year. Portland, Oregon is commonly ranked as one of the most fit places in the U.S. having more acres of parks per capita, that leaves a lot of space for an early morning jog, or to enjoy yoga, hiking or biking during your stay.2 Boston, Massachusetts is also a great place to travel, take in city life and stay fit while doing so. The historic city is known for its guided walking tours through well-known attractions like Fenway, Avenue of the Arts, Back Bay, and Copley Square.2

Forget about Self: Sometimes forgetting about yourself is more than just donating your time and talents to a worthy organization. When you want to lose yourself and put life into perspective, just travel to places with grand natural wonders like Stromboli, Italy or the Great Australian Bight.
One look at Stromboli and it’s easy to feel small. This “Light House of the Mediterranean” is actually part of a much larger underwater chain of volcanoes – which are still active today. While Stromboli is not directly accessible via air, travelers who wish to view this behemoth may do so via ferry from Naples or Milazzo, Sicily.3

The Great Australian Bight, off the barren south cost of Australia can’t help but command visitor attention with its monstrous rock hewn cliffs that weave in and out of crystalline blue water as far as the eye can see. With cliff heights of 60 – 120m that stretch for1,000km, the only life you’ll see around these cliffs are sea lions and whales.3

Foodie Fiends: Sometimes the best resolutions include truly “tasting” each destination you visit. To get the most savory experience out of your travel, consider paying a visit to Nem, New Caledonia or Adobo, Philippines – two great hidden foodie destinations. New Caledonia is a tiny island with a rich foodie reputation. Also known as Tropical France, this travel destination boasts food with a French, Melanesian and Pacific influence.

In Adobo Philippines, you’ll find a tasty treat that is made with few ingredients. But don’t let that fool you; the dish, called adobo, is a national dish and is actually a meat stew seasoned with garlic, soy sauce and vinegar.4 While there are variations on this timeless treat, it’s become a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

New Adventure in the New Year: Did you make plans to embark on a travel adventure in the New Year? If so, there are a few places we’d like to introduce to you: Mount Baker and the Mosquito Coast.
There’s no doubt you’ll fulfill the resolution for adventure travel when you travel to Mount Baker in Washington state. Those who want a challenge can hike up the mountain’s jagged, steep slopes. But the real adrenaline starts pumping when those same hikers take up their skis or a snowboard to get back down.

If scaling a mountain isn’t your thing, perhaps whitewater rafting is. Travelers seeking a water adventure need only travel to the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. The area, which is one of the least explored in the Americas, boasts challenging white water rapids in the Rio Cangrejal area. 5 When you aren’t in the water, you can visit with indigenous tribes and observe unique area wildlife. No need to worry about pesky insects called mosquitoes – the coast was actually named after the Miskito Indians rather than the bugs.

Budget Travel: So you planned not to over-spend in the New Year. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation – especially if it’s a budget vacation. Visit some of the nation’s National Parks and pay only a small fee to set up camp and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some places to consider are Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park.

If camping isn’t your thing many cities offer many free or low-cost things to do. Some museums offer entry at little or no charge. City parks are obviously free and often make a great place for a homemade picnic lunch. Movie theatres often host matinees at a fraction of the price of the nightly flick. Get your timing right and you can even participate in many free local town festivals. Or, check out this list of free things to do in 10 American cities.

Finally, regardless of your trip cost, budget conscious and luxury travelers alike could benefit from traveling with a travel insurance plan in the New Year. Understanding the many ways that travel can go awry, but feeling confident that your investment could be covered if it does, will help you travel more and worry less this year. Bon Voyage!


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