Most Visited Winter Travel Destinations

If you haven’t started planning your winter getaway yet, now might be the perfect time to start. Often described as the “doldrums of winter” the months of January and February can often seemingly go on forever. If all that snow and ice has you down to the last straw. It might be time a winter escape. Whether it’s a trip with your sweetie for Valentine’s Day or a quick getaway for some family fun in the sun, here are a few highly recommended winter travel destinations.

  • Martin: The heat of the sand warming your body and the bright colors of the sun-kissed flora all around are just two small reasons to escape to St. Martin. Sea diving to view beautiful coral caves and tropical fish along is sure to lift away the winter blues. More adventuresome travelers can try horseback riding or hiking in the mountains. End your day with the perfectly lit sunset dinner and dancing the night away.
  • Barts: The white-sand beaches are uncrowded and its colorful boutiques and beach bars are waiting. The island of St. Bart’s has a feeling of an older French era with gingerbread cottages and exquisite restaurants, which rank among the Caribbean’s best.
  • Belize: Belize is the place to go if you want a mix of the Caribbean life, ancient cultures and jungle exploration. Spend your day exploring think marine life by scuba diving or explore jungle areas which are home to Mayan ruins.
  • Crete: There’s nothing quite like an escape to Crete, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This island offers remnants of brilliant civilizations, mountains, valleys and, of course, pristine beaches. One visit to this rich, intriguing area and you’ll notice a hearty, generous spirit in the folks in every area.
  • Cape Town: A beach filled with penguins and no snow to be seen? It happens in Cape Town, South Africa. The area also boasts natural wonders like Table Mountain National Park and a historical botanical garden not to mention classic beach vacation activities like surfing, paragliding and soaking up the sun. For travelers who enjoy exploring, there are many charming towns, villages and bucolic estates and winelands to discover.
  • Hainan Island: This Island is a special mix of beauty with its botanical gardens coconut trees and visits to Monkey Island. Enjoy pristine nature sites intermixed with Buddhism and Taoism culture. Major performances during your stay may even include water ballet, diving, singing and dancing.

For more warm-weather travel destinations view our infographic.

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Five Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or leaving home for the first time, there’s always the possibility of getting sick while you travel. In fact, many people argue that your chances of getting sick actually increase while traveling due to exposure to new – and potentially, germy – environments and time spent in high‐traffic areas, like airports and train stations. Even if you rarely become ill, you may want to leverage these simple tips for an extra layer of protection on your next trip.
Strengthen your immune system

Many travel doctors suggest taking supplements – such as daily multivitamins, vitamin C, and probiotics – for a significant period of time before your trip. Other tried and tested ways to boost your immune system include: exercising regularly, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains (while avoiding saturated fats), getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.
Pack a healthy defense

Before you leave on your trip, consider putting together a carry‐on “toolkit” of items to help you stave off sickness, or treat your symptoms if you do start to feel down. Example items include: hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, a light blanket, a travel pillow, and a first aid kit with staple over‐the‐counter medications like nasal spray or ibuprofen.
Wear glasses instead of contacts

According to this helpful list of healthy travel tips from Condé Nast, contact lenses can make your eyes dry and vulnerable to microbial invasions. To play it safe, consider wearing glasses instead. If you must wear contacts, be sure to bring a travel‐sized bottle of contact lens solution and a case in the event they begin to bother you in the middle of the flight.
Stay hydrated

In its helpful “avoid getting sick while traveling guide,” reminds travelers that “planes fly at elevations of 30,000 to 35,000 feet, where humidity is well below the 15 percent required to keep nasalpassages moist.” When your nose and throat become dry, you become more susceptible to viruses and bacteria that may be floating around, so drink plenty of water to keep your nose and throat moist.
When in doubt, sanitize

This may seem obvious, but always remember to sanitize your hands after touching unclean areas – for instance, after touching the ticket kiosk, ATM, door handles, or anything in a bathroom. Condé Nast suggests using sanitizer on “all parts of your hands,” including fingertips and any rings you may be wearing.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

2017 is nearly upon us – a new year, a clean slate and, for some, a host of resolutions. While the average New Year’s resolution often centers upon losing weight, staying fit or spending more time with family or friends we’ve got another suggestion for you: Resolve to travel more in the New Year. Here are a few tips to get started.

Create a Travel Bucket List
In a study done by Dominican University; those who wrote down their goals had a better chance of achieving them versus those who didn’t take the time to write down their goals.1 As the New Year approaches, allow yourself to dream. Where would you most like to visit in 2017? Whether your bucket list includes travel by yourself, your significant other or family, take the time to write down all locations that come to your mine whether they are close to home or overseas.

Plan more Weekend Getaways
Let’s face it – we’re all busy and sometimes well-intentioned plans to travel more don’t always pan out as planned. For those busy individuals and families, consider adding a few weekend getaways to your 2017 calendar. Weekend getaways might include loading up your vehicle and trekking to a state park a few hours away or maybe an extended weekend in one of your favorite cities.

Give Solo Travel a Try
Do you have a bucket list of places to which you’d love to travel but not sure who you’d go with? Why not make plans to travel solo? Solo travel doesn’t have to mean a lonely trip; in fact, it can mean quite the opposite. You’ll meet many other explorers along the way and the potential to make new friends is endless. Plus, you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want and stay as long as you like. Just remember to put on your savvy traveler hat and have a plan before you go, tell others where you are going and remember to travel safely.

Visit Classic Cities Around the Globe
They are energetic, diverse and often display some of the most magnificent architecture on earth. Classic cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Bangkok are just a few of the classic “must see” cities around the globe. What classic cities have you been dreaming of? Maybe 2017 is the perfect time to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Be Exploration Minded
2017 is ready for your adventurous mind. Leave your expectations behind and reach out to explore other cultures – eat the food, participate in local traditions, learn a new language and make new friends who are different from you. If you don’t plan to leave your country think of other ways to be exploration minded: train for a race in another city, explore a new part of the country or plan an off-the-grid hiking/camping trip.



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Most Visited Destinations During the Winter Travel Season


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Airport Tips for the Holiday Travel Season


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Resources to Help Take the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

It’s the most wonderful time of year but despite the merriment all around, it may not seem like it for some. That’s because sometimes the holiday travel season brings more stress than we bargain for. Between scurrying around plan last minute travel, there are gifts to pack, a budget to track and children to keep calm on that long flight your final destination. If you are feeling frazzled, here are a few tips to get your through your holiday travels.

Take Advantage of Apps
Are you still looking for flight and hotel deals through individual websites? To find the best deals quickly, download apps like Hipmunk which simultaneously compare flight/hotel prices from sites like, Travelocity, Priceline, AirBnB and others, allowing you to quickly select the best deal for the day and time you plan to travel.1

Ship your Presents Home
Planning to pack gifts in your suitcase and unpack them when you get to your destination? Don’t do it. Instead, pack all your gifts in a box and ship it to you final destination. This will save you time in the security line and the hassle of paying to check additional bags. This is the perfect solution that can work for gifts you plan to give and the gifts you get!

Credit Card Points and Gift Cards
Traveling can be expensive, especially for families. Before you book your trip, check to see how many points you have on your credit card and if you can use those points towards flight tickets, a hotel or rental car. Who knows… you may be able to travel to grandma’s house for a very low cost.

Be Flexible
If your family can be flexible, plan to travel on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s well known that traveling on the holiday itself can get you cheaper flights and welcome you with a sparsely populated airport which means less stress getting to your destination.1

Buy a Travel Insurance Plan
Let’s face it. Sometimes even the most well laid out holiday trips sometimes don’t go as planned. Flights get cancelled, luggage gets lost and people get sick. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Remember to pack a travel insurance plan this holiday season. Most plans come with 24/7 assistance services to help you re-book cancelled/delayed flights, hotels and find missing luggage so that you can have a stress-free holiday.


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Etiquette Tips for Air Travel

Choosing to travel to your destination by air can offer the convenience of a faster arrival time and fewer variables to worry about. Unfortunately, air travel may also expose travelers to a host of bad travel behavior from others. While a lot of these antics aren’t meant to offend fellow travelers, they can jostle the mind of even the most patient person. If you’d like to set a good example for your cabin mates, here are a few things to keep in mind while traveling by plane.

When most airlines begin boarding, passengers are boarded according to the zone in which they will sit. People who have special needs or who have earned the right to board first (or have paid to do so) are the first allowed on the plane. When the attendants begin to announce that your flight is boarding, be sure to adhere to boarding rules and get on the plane in an orderly fashion. If possible, try not to crowd the walkways around your gate, so that other travelers may easily pass through on their way to their own flights!

Overhead Compartments
After you board the plane, you can put your carry-on luggage in one of the overhead bins. The etiquette in this situation has to do with what a traveler plans to store in this area. If you have a large piece of carry-on luggage, go ahead and put it in the bin. If you have a purse, a coat, or a regular-sized backpack, stow it under the seat in front of you. There is limited space in overhead compartments and that space should be reserved for items that don’t fit under the seat. When you limit the space you use above your seat, you leave more space for those who really need the overhead bins.

Before You Recline
Who knew a small button on the side of an airline seat could be so controversial? While you have the right to recline if your seat has that option (those in exit rows do not), doing so can invade the space of the person behind you and make that person’s flight decidedly less enjoyable. If you need to lay the seat back, talk to the person behind you and let him or her know that you need to recline. This at least gives your fellow passenger time to return that seatback tray to the upright position or stash that bottle of water so it doesn’t get hit.

Electronic Devices
Check the volume on your electronic devices before you kick back and relax. Sometimes, even when your earbuds are in, the sound may seem loud to your seatmate. Before viewing adult content, try to consider whether your device may be in the line of sight of young children or others who may feel uncomfortable as a result.

Scent Free
Some people don’t have a tolerance for strong scents in perfumes or lotions, and when they smell those scents, they can get headaches, migraines or a general feeling of malaise. As you don’t know who will board or sit near you, be sure to forgo putting on your favorite scented products until after you reach your destination.

When the plane finally lands, most people are anxious to get off of it. While you may be tempted to jump out of your seat and rush to the front of the plane after it reaches the gate, try to wait your turn. Allow the people in rows in front of you to leave first; it’s the courteous thing to do and allows everyone to exit in an orderly fashion. Alternatively, a flight attendant may ask that you let passengers with tight connections debark first, regardless of where they’re seated; keep in mind that you’d hope for the same privilege if you were in their situation.

Moving Sidewalks
Moving sidewalks can be a relief to many time-crunched or weary travelers. When you use moving sidewalks, always make sure to adhere to the rules on the sign. If you are not in a rush, be aware of your surroundings and allow rushed travelers the room they need to get by quickly. If you are in a rush, be courteous and respectful of slower-moving travelers.

It’s not always an unruly seatmate that throws a wrench into your trip. Sometimes, it’s an unforeseen medical emergency, lost luggage or a cancelled flight. For the times when an unexpected travel mishap may occur (potentially anytime), remember to pack a travel insurance plan from Travel Guard. A travel insurance plan with 24/7 assistance may help to take some of that stress off your mind so you can concentrate on enjoying your vacation. Travel Guard’s ’round the clock assistance team can go to work on your behalf to re-book flights and hotels, help find lost luggage, and more. Plus, a comprehensive travel insurance plan offers coverage for contingencies such as travel delays due to inclement weather, trip cancellation/interruption, and medical expenses so that you may travel with confidence

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