Solo travel tips from record‐breaking world traveler

Solo travel continues to rise in popularity, with the trend showing women in particular embracing the benefits of traveling alone. Last week, AIG Travel #WhereNext? Twitter followers were offered the
chance to hear from the ultimate expert in female solo travel, Cassie De Pecol.

Cassie, a modern day female explorer who is the first documented  local!
 TripIt is one of my fav travel apps for keeping travel plans organized.
 I love Tripit and Rome2Rio. Both must‐have apps for travel
What has inspired you to travel the world sustainably, especially during Expedition 196?
 Our future generations. Thinking of them as I aimed to offset my carbon footprint and promote
sustainable hospitality.

How can regular travelers offset their carbon footprints? What did you do?
 Google is a great resource to provide sustainable hotel and responsible tour recommendations based on your destination.
 Focus on companies that are locally‐owned/hire local guides!
 I think too many people are unaware of the damage they can do as travelers. Education is always the key!
 There are so many ways to travel sustainably! Here are 7 ways that we love:

Tips on preserving local culture and heritage when traveling to a new country?

 Engage in local activities, respect the people, partner with donation organizations in that region/donate to their projects.
 Start by learning about and respecting the local culture. Use homestays, visit authentic places, rather than touristy ones.
 Reduce carbon emissions & book non‐stop flights for fewer take‐offs, landings. More on Travel Guard

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