How to Avoid Seasickness on a Cruise

Waveseaon is here. Whether you are an avid cruiser or just thinking about planning your first cruise there are a few things to keep in mind in regard to sea sickness and cruising.

Remember the Size of the Boat
If you simply fear the thought of booking a cruise due to a dizzying experience you had on a fishing boat in 6th grade, it might be time to re-think things. Being on a cruise ship is nothing like sailing on a fishing boat or even a dinner cruise. Most cruise ships are so large that they have stabilizers which take out the up and down, side-to-side motions that make some people sick.1 Much of the time, you don’t even feel like you are on a boat.

How low can you go?
If you are prone to seasickness, know that the location of your cabin on a cruise is everything. Some experts say that the lower your cabin is located within a ship, the better off you will be in defending yourself from sea sickness. Before you book your cruise, look at a map of the cabins on the cruise and book a room that is lower in the cruiseliner.

Cabin selection is everything.
Just as the lowest cabins can afford you the least amount of motion sickness, booking cabins located in the middle of the ship can also offer some stability thereby negating motion sickness. Again, a simple look at the ship’s map can help you figure out the best cabin location for you.

Lie down
Sometimes no matter how hard you try, that familiar nauseous feeling overtakes you while on a cruise. If this happens, the best thing you can do is lie down. No matter where your cabin is located, lying down will reduce symptoms immensely.

Look out
If you start to feel woozy while on a cruise, the best thing you can do is look out onto the horizon. Sometimes sickness occurs when you are in the cabin and unable to look out to orient yourself. If that’s you, quickly make your way up the ship’s deck and look out at the horizon to recalibrate yourself.1

Almost everyone has heard of Dramamine to aid with sea sickness. If you know you are prone to getting sick while on a cruise, taking Dramamine about an hour before you get on the ship should help stabilize you while you make your way out to sea.




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