5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

2017 is nearly upon us – a new year, a clean slate and, for some, a host of resolutions. While the average New Year’s resolution often centers upon losing weight, staying fit or spending more time with family or friends we’ve got another suggestion for you: Resolve to travel more in the New Year. Here are a few tips to get started.

Create a Travel Bucket List
In a study done by Dominican University; those who wrote down their goals had a better chance of achieving them versus those who didn’t take the time to write down their goals.1 As the New Year approaches, allow yourself to dream. Where would you most like to visit in 2017? Whether your bucket list includes travel by yourself, your significant other or family, take the time to write down all locations that come to your mine whether they are close to home or overseas.

Plan more Weekend Getaways
Let’s face it – we’re all busy and sometimes well-intentioned plans to travel more don’t always pan out as planned. For those busy individuals and families, consider adding a few weekend getaways to your 2017 calendar. Weekend getaways might include loading up your vehicle and trekking to a state park a few hours away or maybe an extended weekend in one of your favorite cities.

Give Solo Travel a Try
Do you have a bucket list of places to which you’d love to travel but not sure who you’d go with? Why not make plans to travel solo? Solo travel doesn’t have to mean a lonely trip; in fact, it can mean quite the opposite. You’ll meet many other explorers along the way and the potential to make new friends is endless. Plus, you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want and stay as long as you like. Just remember to put on your savvy traveler hat and have a plan before you go, tell others where you are going and remember to travel safely.

Visit Classic Cities Around the Globe
They are energetic, diverse and often display some of the most magnificent architecture on earth. Classic cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Bangkok are just a few of the classic “must see” cities around the globe. What classic cities have you been dreaming of? Maybe 2017 is the perfect time to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Be Exploration Minded
2017 is ready for your adventurous mind. Leave your expectations behind and reach out to explore other cultures – eat the food, participate in local traditions, learn a new language and make new friends who are different from you. If you don’t plan to leave your country think of other ways to be exploration minded: train for a race in another city, explore a new part of the country or plan an off-the-grid hiking/camping trip.


1 http://www.forbes.com/sites/ellevate/2014/04/08/why-you-should-be-writing-down-your-goals/2/#5c7b16dc1bf6

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