Money-saving Tips for Booking Last-Minute Holiday Travel

It’s that time of the year again – the time when travelers start thinking about where they’ll be spending the holidays. If you’ve booked holiday travel before, you know that this time of year may be associated with rising travel costs. So how do you score good deals with the holiday fast approaching? Check out these simple tips to save money on your travel this holiday season.

Fly on the Holiday
If you want to travel in relative peace, avoid crowds, and score a deal on flight tickets, you may want to consider flying to your destination on the holiday itself. Often, the most expensive days to travel are the days before and after the holiday, because that’s when most people travel.1 If you can work family gatherings around flying on the actual holiday, you’ll likely end up with a happy family and a happy wallet!

Research is Key

Sometimes, the best fares are unadvertised, so searching websites on your own is wise when you’re seeking the cheapest flights.1 However, don’t limit your search to a single website – try multiple aggregator sites in addition to airline sites and online travel agencies in order to find the best deal.

 Act Fast

It’s no surprise that flight prices continue to rise as the actual holiday gets closer. Therefore, if you aren’t flying on the holiday, you may obtain the most economical fare by booking as soon as you see a reasonable deal.

Coupons and Deals

No matter when you decide to travel, discounts abound if you know where to look. Need a coupon f or travel? There are apps for that. There are also a lot of deals you may find with a simple Google search. Before you pay full price for your last-minute travel, poke around and see what you can find.

 Ship Gifts and Extra Luggage

A deal isn’t always a deal if you need to shell out extra cash for numerous checked bags. During the holiday season, consider shipping gifts and extra luggage to your destination. Taking this step will help you save on checked luggage costs and alleviate the need to lug all that extra baggage around.

Consider Travel Insurance

We know, we know…travel insurance is an additional cost. But you know what’s an even bigger cost? Having to fork over money for an unexpected medical emergency, lost luggage, or the need to re-book a new flight if your original one has been cancelled. Plus, many travel insurance plans come with 24/7 assistance services to re-book flights and hotels on your behalf.

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