6 Tips for Fright‐Free October Travel

While Halloween season may have piqued your interest in scary movies, when you travel, you’ll likely want to leave the nightmares behind! Whether you’re venturing overseas or staying in your country of origin this October, consider these tips to help protect yourself and ensure happy and safe travel.

Learn Emergency Numbers
Truth be told, not every country has “911” or a similar emergency call service. If you’re headed out of the U.S., learn the local emergency numbers for the places you’re traveling. It’s also a good rule of thumb to have contact information for the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate on hand.

Check in with the State Department
Did you know the U.S. State Department provides updated security information for all of the countries in the world? Be sure you search its site before you depart to get details about where you’re visiting. If there are security warnings and other updates to be aware of, you’ll know what you’re heading into.

Make Good Ground Transportation Choices
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for U.S. citizens abroad. No matter your country of origin, be sure you research the best modes of transportation before you depart. This might include finding out the track record of a bus company you are planning to use and forgoing the use of rickshaws and mopeds, which may fare worse than cars in the event of a crash, on your trip.

Confirm Hotel Visitors with the Front Desk
How do you know the person outside your hotel room door is actually from housekeeping? Especially if you didn’t recently order room service, it’s a good rule of thumb to call the front desk to verify that someone affiliated with the hotel needs to enter your room. You should apply the same caution in the event someone calls your hotel room to request personal information – outside of an emergency, all of your business should take place at the front desk.

Review the Escape Route from your Hotel Room
Checking the map on the back of your hotel room door is likely not one of your priorities while on vacation, but if an emergency triggers an evacuation, do you know how to safely get out of your hotel room? Study the emergency escape routes – doing so may come in handy, especially if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night and you must escape without the direction of others.

Consider Travel Insurance
Let’s face it – travel dangers may befall even the most prepared people. While travel insurance can’t prevent bad things from happening, it’s designed to provide coverage for contingencies such as medical emergencies, lost or delayed luggage and trip cancellation/interruption. Plus, 24/7 assistance services included in most Travel Guard travel insurance plans can help with needs like flight and hotel rebooking as well as offering security updates.

For more travel safety tips, check out this article on USATODAY.com.

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