Your Summer Travel Survival Guide

The summer travel season is in full swing and, if Airlines for America predictions hold true, it’s going to be a busy one…potentially, the busiest ever. The group is expecting 231 million passengers to fly on U.S. airlines this summer, a four percent increase from last year’s all-time high. That means long security lines, more traffic, and for many travelers, difficulty keeping the stress at bay. While we can’t teleport you to your destination, we can provide several quick tips to help you “stay cool” as you fly, drive or cruise there!

1.) Read the reviews: Mismanaged expectations can trigger travel stress. Plan ahead, and
take time to check lodging, transportation and food reviews for insights like hotel
construction or early closings at tourist sites. Whether or not you can do anything about
them, you may be able to proactively manage stress with a bit of mental preparation.

2.) Create an itinerary: A comprehensive itinerary of travel plans can serve as a reference
for quick questions (e.g., “what time does the tour group leave tomorrow?”) during your
trip, helping to save time and prevent travel mishaps. Savvy travelers may even try one
of many travel apps (check out this list from Travel + Leisure) for a digital itinerary.

3.) Travel light: Did you know most people wear 20 percent of their clothing 80 percent of
the time (NY Mag)? To save space (and fees for oversized bags!), keep your packing list
as streamlined as possible. Hints: Check the weather at your destination, plan to mix
and match, select trial-sized toiletries and roll, don’t fold, clothes.

4.) Be an early bird: Many travelers understand booking trips early can help them take
advantage of lower costs and wider selections, but there are also benefits to continuing
that momentum throughout the trip. Arriving early for the airport, tourist attractions, and
more will help you spend less time in line and more time experiencing your destination!

5.) Just plane comfortable: To help manage potential flight-related stress or anxiety, bring
headphones, eye covers, neck pillows, ear plugs, blankets, sweaters, snacks or anything
else that might keep you comfortable and entertained. Pack a special item from home,
such as scented aromatherapy oil, for a pleasant distraction.

6.) Remember to breathe: Deep-breathing exercises can help de-stress you by calming
your nervous system. Simple tips like taking long, deep breaths, staying mindful of your
breathing, and breathing with your diaphragm can help to refresh and refocus you. You
might also consider talking with your doctor about other stress-reducing methods.

7.) Break a sweat: On travel day, consider getting up a little early to go for a run or take a
workout class. Have some down time at the airport? People watch on the go during a
few laps around the terminal. Once you arrive at your new destination, consider
exploring your new environment with a relaxing evening run.

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