Five Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover

You’ve checked your bags, printed your boarding passes, and you’re ready to go…but not just yet. Due to a layover, it’s time to hunker down for the next few hours before your next flight. So, what’s a traveler to do with all this extra time? Consider the following tips to make the most of it:

Make new friends or contacts: With people from every walk of life, representing a variety of different cultures, airports are known as one of the best people-watching destinations. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, consider striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. You never know where that conversation might lead or what you might learn!

Take an exercise break: Muscles a little cramped after a long flight? Many airport hotels have fitness centers that offer day passes for the general public. If buying a day pass isn’t an option for you or if you don’t have a set of workout clothes handy, take a brisk walk around the airport instead. Consider your stroll a warm-up for making your next rushed connection!

Treat yourself to a mini spa day: Many airports offer spas where travelers can get manicures, pedicures or even massages. If indulging in a beauty or wellness treatment isn’t in your budget, take some time to freshen up in the restroom, grab some mints or lip balm from the gift shop, and run a comb or a brush through your hair. Sometimes, looking good is feeling good!

Sample the local cuisine: If you find your stomach growling, especially if you’re in another
country, take the time to sample the local cuisine. While there may be options in the food court or the gift shop, the best places likely will be outside of the airport. If your schedule allows, explore – just be sure to watch the clock and build in time to get through security.

Find a spot to rest: Sometimes you just need to rest – especially if your layover occurs
between hectic business trips or stressful life events. Take a seat in a relatively empty terminal and set your music player to an easy-listening station. For a small fee, many airports also offer travelers access to deluxe lounges with comfy seating, reading material, food and free wifi.1

If you’re still looking for other ways to enjoy your hours between flights, check out this article from



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