How to get VIP Treatment on your Honeymoon

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the altar, exchanged vows and had the perfect wedding. Now it’s time to keep the wedded bliss going with a storybook honeymoon. So, how do you get the honeymoon that dreams are made out of? There are no guarantees, but the following pointers may help you get VIP treatment while you’re away. Let us know how they work for you!
Share the news: When planning your trip, let everyone you book with know that your honeymoon is the reason for your trip. For potential perks in your honeymoon suite, remind the staff why you’re there when you check in. When dining, mention to your server that it’s your honeymoon – the restaurant just might offer appetizers or dessert on the house.
Take advantage of reward and loyalty programs: Now is the time to use the points that have been racking up on your credit card. Consider booking two first-class tickets if you’re traveling out of the country; you’ll enjoy the extra legroom and special treatment. The best part is that your tickets might be discounted or even free if you use your points or miles – score!
Book air travel for the right time: If you want a good deal on airline tickets, plan to travel on Saturday. Most business travelers are home on the weekend, meaning tickets on this day may be less expensive and there may be more room on the plane. Use this knowledge to your advantage and ask for an upgrade to first class before you depart.

Consider traveling during the “off-season.” If you plan your honeymoon to coincide with a slower season, you may be more likely to score a flight upgrade or a swankier hotel room. Even if this means traveling for your honeymoon a few weeks or months following your wedding, the potential upgrade or discount may be worth the delay.
Be open to trying new accommodations: Often, hotels that have recently opened want to build a reputation for their superior service and quality. If you book a new or up-and-coming place to stay, you may have a better chance of scoring perks. It’s not always wise to book for opening week however, as construction delays may impact your planned stay.
Get to know your concierge: A great concierge will go above and beyond to make sure your honeymoon is extra special. If there are activities (think candlelit dinners or private excursions) you and your sweetheart would like to participate in, don’t be afraid to drop hints – your concierge may be able to leverage his or her relationships with local businesses to score discounts or freebies on your behalf.
For more great honeymoon tips, check out this article by Traveler’s Joy.

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