Five Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

February is known as the month of love. While many will acknowledge their sweetheart by giving roses, chocolates, and other tokens of their love, others will whisk their partner away to a destination where love is likely to be in the air. Check out our favorite spots to spark romance this Valentine’s Day:

1.) Savannah, Georgia
Take a step back to yesteryear and old-fashioned love when you travel to Savannah. The rustic cobblestone streets, wispy Spanish moss, and southern hospitality are sure to inspire you and your significant other to get close and savor each moment. As lovebirds, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy nature and each other’s company while paddling a canoe for two on a Wilderness Southeast tour.1 Stay close while viewing the coast when you travel along the Savannah River on a brunch or dinner riverboat cruise. When you arrive back in the city’s historic district, you’ll find many stately, classic, yet upscale restaurants and cozy bed and breakfasts at which to extend your stay. Be sure to visit the 158-year-old fountain in Forsyth Park and make a wish!

2.) San Juan, Puerto Rico
No passport, no problem! If a quick, sunny and fun beach getaway is what your relationship needs, take a trip to Puerto Rico. With no passport requirements and speedy, direct flights from many airports in the continental United States, this destination is an easy Valentine’s Day choice. Let your love grow in San Juan, a historic city perfect for strolling or lounging.1 Spark romance by opting for an oceanfront room, champagne, a massage, and a trip to the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo.1 Witness a magical phenomenon when the bay glitters at night due to the microscopic plankton in the water.

3.) Venice, Italy
Venice is a great spot for hopeless romantics. Merely thinking about the destination conjures up images of a couple on a gondola, being rowed in gentle waters as the city bustles by. Don’t forget to stop at Saint Mark’s Square, where you can view Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, enjoy fine-dining restaurants, shops and eateries.

4.) Santorini, Greece
Santorini is smokin’ hot – and not just because it’s part of a still-active volcano. This destination is the place to be for couples, no matter the season, because of its pristine location on the Aegean Sea. As Viator’s Travel Blog has shared, “regularly making the list of one of the most romantic destinations in the world, Santorini boasts whitewashed buildings, blue-capped churches and stunning views of the sea. Take a donkey ride or hop on a boat to check out a steaming volcano, and then unwind in hot springs and tour a vineyard.”2

5.) Prague, Czech Republic
While Prague be a bit chilly in February, it’s a wonderfully romantic destination to jet off to for Valentine’s Day. This picturesque city features the largest ancient castle in the world3, as well as Gothic churches, vibrant buildings and cozy restaurants. Legend has it that if you kiss your darling in front of the statue of the romantic poet Karel Macha, your mutual love will be eternal.4 Celebrate your relationship on a river cruise or take a romantic stroll through narrow, cobbled streets in the Old Town on a moonlit night. Get to know firsthand why Prague is also famous for romantic dining.

No matter where your romantic journey may take you, explore travel insurance options in advance to help ensure that your vacation will be hassle-free. Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love, not pining over lost luggage, trip delay/cancellation, or emergency travel medical needs.


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