Tips for Traveling with Gifts

‘Tis the season for traveling. Whether it’s a trip across the country or around the world, many travelers will be making a trek to see friends and family with gifts in tow. Before you stuff all those pre-wrapped gifts in an extra suitcase, consider these helpful holiday travel gift tips:

To Wrap or Not to Wrap:
Those who travel over the holidays may think about bringing wrapped gifts with them in their luggage. There’s only one problem: The TSA reserves the right to unwrap those gifts as they go through security, though gifts are less likely to be unwrapped if they are put in checked luggage.1  Our recommendation? Save yourself some time and hassle by packing the gifts and wrapping paper separately and wrap gifts upon arrival at your destination.

Ship Gifts to Your Destination:
Traveling with gifts can result in more hassle than travelers bargain for. If you pack the gifts in an extra bag, you may run up a hefty bill at the checked luggage station. Plus, dragging extra luggage around isn’t always the best for your back (or your sanity). That’s why it may be smart to ship all of your gifts to your final destination. If you’re worried about the package getting lost, you can add insurance and tracking to your package to keep tabs on it.

Fragile Gifts:
If you have a fragile gift that you need to transport in your luggage, try wrapping it in a sweater or other clothing item in your bag and be sure to place it in the middle of your suitcase to protect it on all sides.1

Oversized Gifts:
Let’s face it, holiday gift shopping can be expensive. That’s why you probably won’t be too excited to learn that the oversized gift you purchased for your child may cost you an additional $200-400 to check in an oversized bag. If you are opening all gifts away from home this year, try wrapping a small box with a photo of the oversized gift inside of it. When the recipient opens the present, mention that the gift is being shipped to them or if it’s someone in your family, tell them that the actual gift is waiting for them back home.

Gifts Received at Your Destination:
Receiving gifts is always a joy. Don’t let that joy turn into dismay when packing up to return home. Remember to pack a compact duffle bag in your suitcase so that when your stay away from home is complete, you can pack all your worn clothing in the bag and use the suitcase to transport your gifts back home. Of course, if your family receives a large amount of gifts, it may be wise to consider shipping them (with tracking and insurance) home.

 Want to learn about more tips to travel during the holiday season? Click here.



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