Giving Thanks in Travel

November is a month filled with turkey, pie, shopping, family and friends. The month that kicks off the holiday season is full of joy but can become quite overwhelming if we aren’t careful. Oftentimes we have more than one place to travel to, with so many people to see. Let’s not forget Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful. While you are planning your holiday travel here are a few things to consider being thankful for.

Many of us travel with family or friends. Some of us meet people along the way when we travel. How much more enriched did our lives feel after we had spent a day at the Christmas market in Vienna and chatted with the local vendors while taking in the sparkling lights? Have any of us been brave enough to chat up the local owner of a coffee shop in Milano and learn about his life in Italy? The people we meet while traveling change us and change our perspective.

Foodie Frenzie
From the perfect pastry in Paris to sensational sushi in China to the tasty turkey at grandma’s house clear across the country, it’s a season to be thankful for the smorgasbord of food available throughout the world and our taste buds that can’t help but be tantalized by all of the options. To travel as a foodie is to capitalize on food creations we’ve never thought of before and keep us hungry for more.

Travel Technology
Where would we be without cell phones – the amazing devices that allow us to instantly record or photograph moments and help us get from point A to B using the built in GPS. Not to mention the plethora of apps that help us decide where to dine or list daily events to participate in while traveling. For example, some apps allow travelers to upload their ticket to receive mobile flight updates and alerts.

Education in Travel
The ability to see life from different perspectives while traveling is truly something to be thankful for – so is the opportunity to learn about different cultures. It might be a voluntourism experience building shelter for people in the remote villages in Africa or teaching English to school children in Japan. No matter the experience, there’s much to be learned from each trip.

Travel Insurance
While it might not always be exciting to talk about, travel insurance can be something to be thankful for. But don’t just take our word for it. Millions of customers around the globe are thankful for coverage when they need to cancel their trip due to a covered reason, become ill or injured while traveling or lose/damage their luggage. But don’t just take our word for it – read about travel experiences and what caused these travelers to be thankful.

For what in your travels are you most thankful?



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