How to Keep the “Scary” Out of Your Travels

med-evac-BDid you know the word “travel” comes from travail, which means, “to torment, toil, strive, or journey”? While we certainly hope your travels aren’t full of toil, it sometimes inadvertently becomes part of the journey. The good thing is that there are precautions you can take to help keep the “scary” out of your travel this fall. Here’s how:

What’s up, Doc: See a doctor a few weeks before you are scheduled to leave for your trip. Doing so will ensure you are up-to-date on all required vaccinations before traveling out of the country and  alert you to any potential health concerns that may need attention before you go.

Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis: Deep vein thrombosis is essentially blood clots that can form in your legs if you sit too long. Often, sedentary positions involved in plane travel may cause this in people who are prone to the condition. The remedy? Get up and walk around every so often to prevent it from happening.

Separate Money Sources: When you are traveling, make sure you keep various sources of payment in different locations. For example, you can keep one credit card in your purse while a debit card is in your pocket or in the safe at the hotel. Keeping payment forms in different locations ensures that you will be able to pay for things if your purse gets stolen or one form of payment ends up missing.

About Water: Make sure you drink plenty of water during your travels to stay healthy and hydrated, but be aware of where that water comes from. If you are traveling overseas, make sure that the water you are drinking has been properly treated or that you drink only bottled water. Don’t accept ice in drinks as it may be contaminated.

Do the Double Take: Get in the habit of looking behind you as you leave any place you are visiting. Did you leave your purse at the dinner table? Is your cell phone sitting on the park bench where you were just relaxing?

Scan All Travel Documents: In case your bags go missing, you’ll want to prove you are who you say you are with scans of all your original documents (passports, driver’s licenses, flight/travel itineraries, etc.). Better yet, send your scanned documents to your close family or friends so they have them in case of an emergency.

Read the Fine Print: Some of the most exciting things in travel include trying new things like scuba diving or skydiving. Before you book with the instructor, verify that all of his/her certifications are legitimate and come from a reputable source. You may also want to inquire how many years of experience the instructor has. Remember, safety first!

Consider a Travel Insurance Plan: Let’s face it – sometimes bad things happen to good people. Make sure you and your families are covered for travel mishaps like medical emergencies, lost luggage or cancelled flights by purchasing a travel insurance plan. Assistance services included in most Travel Guard travel insurance plans can, on your behalf, rebook flights and hotels, coordinate medical assistance or evacuations and offer security assistance in today’s crazy world.

To learn more about safety precautions to take while traveling, click here.




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