Just “Plane” Smart

airplane_sleeping-passengerTips for flying to and from your destination

Chances are if you are flying to your travel destination you’re going to encounter something uncomfortable. It might be cramped quarters on a small commuter plane or perhaps a screaming toddler all the way from New York to Amsterdam. The possibilities are endless, but your level of annoyance doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to keep the positive travel vibes flowing no matter where you choose to travel:

  • No-Rush Layovers: When booking a trip, make sure to look at the time between flights. Anything that’s shorter than 45 minutes could mean that you’ll need to run to your next terminal or worse, miss your connecting flight if your initial flight is delayed in getting to the airport.
  • Dress the Part: Both your place of origin and destination may boast warm temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that the plane will be toasty. Beware of overactive air-conditioning and be prepared for overly warm traveling conditions. The best way to do this? Dress in layers or bring things like a jacket, scarf or light hoodie with you.
  • Pack Activities: Just because you think that your child is cute when he whimpers doesn’t mean that your fellow passengers will think he is adorable. Remember to pack plenty of activities for your kids to keep them occupied (and not fussy) during the flight. Pack books or your iPod for your own entertainment while flying.
  • Talk Expectations: Talk with children about what to expect before the plane takes off and lands, so that they are not surprised by unexpected feelings like plugged ears or light-headedness.
  • Pack Snacks: No matter how long or short your flight is, it pays to have extra snacks packed in your carry-on. Toddlers can request food at any given time, and you may get a craving mid-flight as well. Plus, there’s no telling if your flight will be delayed on the tarmac, making your time in the plane longer than you expected.
  • Bring an Extra Pair of Clothes in Carry-on: From accidental coffee spills to food mishaps, sometimes soiled clothes are unavoidable. To avoid complete discomfort, think about packing an extra change of clothes in your carry-on.
  • Meal Requests: Double-check before boarding that the meals you requested will be served. If you or one of your children are gluten intolerant, the last thing you want to face is going hungry because there are no on-board food options that you can eat.
  • Board Well Rested: Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before you plan to start your travels. Many people think that they can just sleep on a plane, but the truth is that most people don’t emerge from flights well rested.

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