The Best Adventures of 2015

Boat_179997643If you’re an adventure traveler, you know it. The thought of lying around on a white sand beach or milling through a crowd at a tourist destination is not your style. You crave the adrenaline rush of the wild. Foreign places where you need to forge your way to and fro, and colossal obstacles end up being little more than a small challenge for you. Yes, you are a die-hard adventurer at heart. No mountain or sea or in-the-air death-defying feat will stop you. That’s why we thought you should know about (if you haven’t already heard) these up-and-coming adventure travel destinations. You only live once, so read on –and then go book your trip!

Ice Marathon, Antarctica

While a marathon is an amazing feat for most, it’s a cake walk for the adventure traveler. If you enjoy upping the ante with your adventure travel friends, look no further than the Ice Marathon in Antarctica. Never mind the fact that the Ice Marathon takes place in -20 C temperatures with a wind-chill that makes it feel about another 20 degrees colder. You’re more curious as to why you don’t see any wildlife. Perhaps it’s because the environment is so hostile even penguins won’t call it home. The only advice you’re taking is what to wear — otherwise you’re raring to go.

Swimming, Sporades Isles, Greece

What’s the next big thing in swimming? Apparently it’s Greek-island hopping via swimming in the sea. The good news for those of us who are faint-of-heart is that the hoopla is in a quiet part of the Aegean Sea – thank goodness we don’t have to watch you fight off the ocean waves. If you’re hoping for a safety kit, you’ll get one, but only in the support boat that will be following you. For those of you who are conditioned enough to try it, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the dolphins and seals by your side.

 Climbing Mount Baker, Washington, USA

What goes up must come down. What fun would hiking up a mountain be if you had to trudge back down? At Mount Baker in Washington State, adventure junkies can hike up Mount Baker’s 3, 285 meter rugged terrain. The not-so-faint-of-heart will be rewarded with a majestic panoramic view at the top. Once you’re done reveling in the view, it’s time to come down – but you won’t be hiking. Trekkers up the mountain often bring skis or snowboards for the descent. Talk about free-sailing through the backcountry.

Mountain Biking, Avoriaz, France

Here’s an adventure destination where a pro can take a less-experienced partner and still have fun. Mountain biking in Avoriaz, France, is like no other. Boasting 650 kilometers of trails, this mountain biking haven has trails for the novice and the experienced biker. The area is also a great ski destination.

Whitewater Rafting, Mosquito Coast, Honduras

Welcome to one of the least-explored areas in the Americas – the Miskito Coast. If you’re an experienced rafting expert, you’ll love the challenges this area can offer. Explorers ride the rapids of the Rio Platano River to the Caribbean coast. Hang on tight and paddle for the one of the biggest rafting challenges you’ll ever face. If the rapids don’t make you squirm, perhaps the region’s wildlife will. Rafters often report  spotting pumas, jaguars and vampire bats. Most tours offer a rest time, where adventurers can explore ancient caves and then camp in the wild at night.





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