How to Stress Less While Traveling with Kids

Review TSA website for Expectations: Let’s face it; the airport can be a scary place for young children. Review the latest TSA expectations here. Then, make sure you share with your child what they can expect while they are at the airport and inside a plane. For example, making the time to explain machines like a body scanner can help alleviate confusion and make airports a much more peaceful place for kids.

A Change of Clothes in Carry-on: Stop worrying about what will happen if an airline loses your luggage. If you plan to check bags, make sure you also take a carry on with one change of clothes for everyone in the family. That way, if your luggage does get lost or one of your kids needs an extra pair of clothes you will be prepared.

Double check bags that your kids packed: It’s great to give your kids some independence to pack their own luggage. But, just make sure to double-check what they pack to avoid inadvertently taking along items that are not allowed on an airline.

Pack a Goodie Bag for the Kids: If your destination is hours away, pre-make binders for each child that include a coloring book, blank paper, crossword puzzles and activity sheets. Also include a zipper bag of crayons and writing utensils. Free printable coloring pages, stories and activities can be found here and here.

Don’t forget the meds: The last thing you want to experience while traveling is a family member not feeling up to par. To be prepared, don’t forget to pack ibuprofen, anti-diarrheal and other important medications in your purse or carry-on in case someone in your family needs it. This can be a lifesaver on a flight or mid-road trip.

Save your budget; participate in free activities: What family doesn’t like a good deal, especially while traveling? Before you hit the road, take the time to do a little research on family deals in the area to which you will be traveling. Call the local Chamber of Commerce and ask about events and attractions that are free and child-friendly. This way, you won’t have to stress about money while on the road.

Pack a travel insurance plan: Lost luggage, flight delays and medical emergencies can happen no matter where you travel. It helps to know you are covered for the unexpected with a travel insurance plan. Most plans even include 24/7 travel assistance services which can take the stress out of your travel by rebooking flights and hotels (and much more!) on your behalf. Concierge services can even recommend family friendly restaurants and activities in the area to which you’ll be traveling. Still not convinced? Check out these frequently asked questions about travel insurance.

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