Vacation Destinations for the Whole Family

Looking for some kid-friendly vacation destinations? Well you’re in luck! Below, we’ve gathered some of our top choices for the best kid-friendly destinations to help you in your brainstorming of where to take the kids on vacation next.

 New York City, USA[1]

Many people may not think “kid-friendly” when they hear New York City but the big city has a lot to offer than just the hustle and bustle. Roughly 40 percent of today’s Americans’ ancestors came through Ellis Island, making it an excellent place to visit to track down your family history. For just $5 at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, you can peruse through millions of documents to search for the exact date of your relatives’ arrival, which ship they sailed on and even check who else they were traveling with. You can also check out the American Museum of Natural History which holds some of the world’s best dinosaur skeleton reconstructions and a model of a blue whale that hangs from the ceiling. If you want get away from history while in NYC, you and your kids can stop at Carnegie Deli for a meal, pass by the Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry, or experience the bright lights and performances of Times Square.

Berlin, Germany[2]

Taking a family trip to the German capital of Berlin may not have come to mind but the city has so much to offer with its mix of old and new. Rather than going through the city by car, take the opportunity to see the sights by bike. Roughly 500,000 in Berlin go by bike so if such a high volume of locals choose this as their means of transportation, there must be something great about it! You can use a free route planner that will route you through Berlin using the 400+ miles of bike paths available so that you can see all of the sights of the city at your own speed and comfort. While biking through Berlin, make a stop with the kids at Zoo Berlin, one of the most diverse zoos in the world with nearly 18,000 animals. Get the most out of visiting the pandas and penguins by stopping by during their feeding times or, if budget allows, spend a little extra on a 20-minute private visit with a zookeeper and your favorite animal.[3]

 Washington D.C., USA[4]

Washington D.C. is an extremely kid-friendly city with so many sights to see for little to no cost at all. The city is rich with some of the country’s most famous monuments and museums, many of which are free. You can take a long stroll through the National Mall, starting from the Lincoln Memorial, winding up to the White House, hitting the Smithsonian National Museum then visit the U.S. capitol. There is also a 90-minute duck tour that goes through the city by land AND water. This is a great alternative to the typical walk and adds that touch of adventure your kids might be craving. The tour will lead you through National Mall, hitting all of the main spots, then it will take you in to the river stopping at Gravelly Point, which is only a short distance away from Reagan National Airport, letting you and kids see planes take off and land up close.

Barcelona, Spain

The coastal city of Barcelona, located in the region of Catalonia, is culturally and linguistically different from other parts of Spain, offering you family fun from both land and sea. Barcelona is well known for its beautiful architecture and buildings so take the kids on an architectural tour of the city. La Sagrada Familia Basilica is one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions and its immense amount of highly ornate architecture will drop the jaws of kids and parents. You can also take the kids through the many alleys and squares like the Gothic quarter (Barri Gòtic) and Las Ramblas. As you make your way to the shore, don’t forget to stop at the Church of Santa Maria del Mar – another major attraction for its architectural and artistic beauty. Once at the sea, you and kids can make your way to Nova Mar Bella beach for some fun at the beach before making your way to back to your hotel for a traditional Spanish siesta. During a siesta, many shops throughout the city will close down between 12pm and 2pm for people to indulge in a large lunch and nap before heading back to work or school.

For more on traveling with kids, be sure to check out these tips.








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