Richard and his wife were on a dream vacation – a seven-day tropical cruise with stops in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. The vacation was a gift to Richard from his wife of 47 years to celebrate his 68th birthday. Unfortunately, what should have been a time of celebration, turned into a terrifying ordeal.

“I wasn’t feeling well a few days into the cruise, so I went to our cabin to lay down that evening,” said Richard. “My wife, who happens to be an intensive care unit nurse, noticed that I was extremely pale.” Luckily Richard’s wife recognized the importance of getting him to a doctor because soon after Richard passed out from loss of blood. The on-board doctor realized the severity of the situation and asked Richard’s wife for her permission to transfuse his own blood into Richard, a move that saved Richard’s life. An announcement was made over the loudspeakers on the ship asking others to donate their blood, and within minutes the room was filled with donors.

“After receiving a total of five units of blood, I was transferred about eight miles out at sea to a small Mexican Navy boat. An hour and a half later, I was brought to a hospital in Cancun where they repaired and stopped the bleeding. The wonderful people at Travel Guard were notified and a decision was made to airlift me to a hospital in Miami, Florida, for further care,” said Richard.

With a medical crew in tow, Richard was airlifted to a hospital in Florida where he was in the ICU for several days and received further treatment. Travel Guard stayed in daily contact with Richard’s doctors and received regular updates on his status and condition. After a few setbacks, Richard was eventually fit to travel and was looking forward to getting home with his wife.

“Once my doctors deemed me fit to travel, Travel Guard coordinated a medical escort to assist me on the flight home,” said Richard. “Travel Guard took care of all the flight arrangements and ensured I got home safely. The people at Travel Guard are the best, I really can’t say enough about the professionalism and service I experienced.”

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