Holiday Travel Tips

As the year winds down and temperatures get chillier, your thoughts likely start to wander toward plans for the upcoming holidays. This season can be a busy time, which is why we’d like to give you a hand with these travel tips. When packing for the holidays, or any time at all, keep “TRAVEL” in the back of your mind as an easy way to check-off tasks prior to your departure.

Toiletries: Who doesn’t hate the shampoo explosions that can happen inside luggage during the hustle and bustle of travel? Avoid this by packing your liquid toiletries in plastic, re-sealable baggies. Separating body hygiene and oral hygiene products will help prevent any accidental drops of shampoo on your toothbrush, causing an odd flavor combination of mint with pomegranate and mango. If you’re planning to bring along perfume or cologne, you may want to double bag those bottles or decant them and baggie smaller portions. As much as you may love the smell of those sprays, if they accidentally spill all over your clothes, relatives may do the “hug and run” to avoid getting lightheaded from the overwhelming amount of perfume.

Relax: Pack to relax. We’re supposed to relax and enjoy our holidays, so pack a little something to remind you to sit back and let loose for awhile. It might be your favorite pair of sweatpants and hoodie, a classic book to dive into, or simply ear plugs and a sleep mask to escape distractions around you. Time with family is wonderful and everyone should have as much time as they want with them. However, sometimes it’s necessary to pack those physical reminders to take a little “me” time.

Anticipate: Bad vacations happen to good people more often than we like to hear. Try to anticipate these and pack to prepare for things that could potentially go wrong on your trip. Lucky for us, first aid kits and sewing kits come in travel size so they are easy to tuck in to our luggage. Beyond medical and wardrobe incidents that can occur, travel documents can go missing, but having copies of passports, flight information, and important phone numbers and addresses can help ease stress if this happens to you. And should something go wrong while on your trip, having packed a travel insurance plan that includes assistance services can provide additional support you may need.

Venue: Wherever the holiday season may take you, be sure to research the seasonal weather of your destination. Once you know what the weather may be like during your stay, you can pack accordingly.

Electronics: The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere when the flashing red notice lets you know your device is about to lose power. Don’t forget to pack extra cables and wall adapters to ease your power concerns when traveling. In an attempt to consolidate, try to find cables that fit your device as well as USB ports. This will provide greater flexibility in charging opportunities (you can plug the cable in to a computer, another device with a normal USB port, a wall/car adapter with a USB port). The great thing about having a charging cable that plugs in to a USB port is that you can purchase wall or car adapters that allow multiple cables to be plugged in simultaneously. Also, don’t forget to pack extra earphones. These can be especially handy if you’re stuck in a moving vehicle and there’s no way to escape the surrounding noise –whether it’s small children fighting or an overly friendly (and chatty) neighbor. The great thing about earphones is that they are small, lightweight, and relatively cheap so you can purchase a few pairs and store them in various locations throughout your bags.

Lightweight: The last thing you need dragging you down while traveling is your luggage. An easy way to pack light is to bring outfits and clothes that can be layered, mixed and matched throughout your trip. Additionally, picking a neutral color such as beige or brown and adding accent pieces will help reduce the number of clothes to pack. If you’ll be traveling for a fairly extended period of time and are flexible in your budget, doing laundry during your trip can be a weight-saver. Bring along travel-size packets of laundry detergent and an instant stain remover.

If you’re traveling by air, a great way to reduce the chance of headaches during your holiday travel is to avoid checking bags. Not only does it take more time to pack, it will also increase your wait time at the check-in counters and luggage carousels. Besides wait-time in the airport, checked luggage can get lost en-route or even damage your belongings inside. Packing light with a carry-on will help reduce the chances of those incidents and allow for you to have a potentially headache-free trip.
For more travel tips to help ease you through the holiday travel season, visit and be sure to share your best tip in the comments section, we love to learn from you.

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