Travel to these Spooktacular Places Around the World

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it’s easy to let our minds wonder towards the many festivities of fall. This is a time of year when thoughts of the past can reign supreme and join with the present to make some spectacular cool-season memories with friends and family. During this spectacularly spooky time of year, we thought you’d enjoy a good read about how the past and present come together at these supposedly haunted places around the world.

Paris Catacombs
It was a time when Christianity flourished in France’s history and the practice of burying the dead came to halt when the city’s most popular burying grounds couldn’t hold any more bodies. So, what was the city to do? Exhume the dead, of course, and place them in underground tunnels which are known today as the Paris Catacombs. In all, 6 million Parisians were buried in the catacombs in the late 1700’s. Angered by the disturbance of their bodies, hostile spirits are said to roam the tunnels. Visitors who tour the catacombs sometimes report supernatural cold spots, seeing shadowy figures and the feeling of being followed.1

The Tower of London
It was once home to Great Britain’s Royal family – and many of them were hung or beheaded on the grounds. You may have heard of one of them: Anne Boleyn. She met her ill fate by King Henry VII after she failed to produce a male heir. Many visitors to the Tower of London (commonly referred to as the Bloody Tower after Anne’s death) report seeing a headless ghost. The Salt Tower where the grizzly deed occurred is the only area of the castle where no dog will ever enter. 2

Landi Castle
The ghost story of Italy’s Landi Castle sounds a lot like the story of Romeo and Juliet. The couple was Moroello, captain of the knights, and Soleste, daughter of the castle Lord. Moroello went away to fight in battle and Soleste waited for her love’s return, sitting on the edge of the fortress. One day she saw horses with men atop, galloping back from battle, but the men were wearing enemy colors. Thinking that Moroello had died, she threw herself off the castle’s edge. Sadly, it was Moroello and his men who were approaching the castle. They had put on the enemy’s clothing to boast of victory. Moroello was overcome with grief upon learning of Soleste’s death and killed himself. To this day, the ghost of Moroello is said to haunt the castle. 3

Houska Castle
In a time where castles were built to keep evil out, this castle was built to keep something IN. Located just north of Prague, the Houska Castle was built in the 13th century atop a fabled bottomless pit from which, it was said, winged creatures and beasts exited. Legend has it that nearby prisoners were granted pardons to help seal off this bottomless pit but the first prisoner to be lowered into the pit let out a yell and when raised up was said to have appeared aged over 30 years and died just days later.3 Fast forward a few centuries and the Nazis were said to use this location to conduct occult experiments. Years later several Nazi remains were found at the location. Ghosts said to haunt the premises include that of a headless black horse and a woman in dress who peeks out of the window on the top floor.

Do you know of additional haunted places around the world? Share them with us.


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