Unusual Fall Travel Destinations

Perhaps when you think of fall travel, places in the U.S. more often associated with autumn colors, like the East Coast or the Midwest, come to mind. While both of these areas offer the bright red, yellow and orange of a magical fall, there are other surprising locations around the world that can make your travel this season even more spectacular.

Cinque Terre, Italy
If you want to see color, you can find it places other than nature if you visit Cinque Terre, Italy. The city, which is actually made up of a string of five towns, sits on Liguria’s very rugged coastline.1 While the natural habitat in the surrounding hills is nothing short of amazing, perhaps it is the bright colors of the stacked adobe buildings that will grab your attention. In order to experience the city, you’ll want to don your walking shoes as there are no cars allowed. Each village is said to have its own personality so be sure to explore carefully and experience each moment.

Hokkaido, Japan
Did you know northern Japan is known for its rugged landscape and untouched nature? While that may comes as a surprise to some, this secluded area is perfect for peak koyo (fall foliage) season in mid-September.2 With its abundant wildlife, thick forests and mountain ranges complete with volcanic lakes, this area makes the perfect autumn getaway.

Livingstone, Zambia
When you think of fall, chances are you don’t think of heading to Zambia. But, if you head on over to the exotic country during the fall months, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the highest and most dramatic natural pool on earth.2 Devil’s Pool is located on the Zambian side of the Zambezi River. During these months, the low water allows for swimmers to dive in and swim over to a natural retaining wall and safely look over the edge of the connected waterfall.

Northeastern Poland
What could possibly be worth the journey to Northern Poland? According to National Geographic Travel, the Great Masurian Lakes make it well worth the trek. This sparsely populated area of is home to 2,000 lakes and boasts thick forests on many islands. The area, which is 170 miles from Warsaw, has been made accessible through a network of rivers and canals via kayak or small boat and includes several walking and biking trails to take in the foliage.2

Morovia, Czech Republic
Ah, the trappings of fall. All the traditions of the season of color can be found in Morovia. Enjoy the area by taking in harvest festivals and bike rides through rolling vineyards. This area is low-key compared to nearby Prague and Bohemia and boasts robust red wines and late-ripening white wine – the perfect way to unwind after a day of touring the colorful countryside.1

Do you know of any other great fall destinations? Share them with us below.


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2 http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/best-trips-fall-2012/#/hagoromo-waterfall-daisetsuzan-national-park_57139_600x450.jpg

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