Bizarre Carnival Food Across the U.S.

Battered, fried and on a stick – that’s how our country’s fair food is served. But gone are the days of just traditional fair food like funnel cakes, cotton candy and corndogs. If you’ve traveled to any fair across the country, you’ve likely seen those old favorites replaced or served in conjunction with the likes of deep-fried Kool-aid, chocolate-covered bacon and even hot beef sundaes. Oh how times have changed. Read on to discover the latest bizarre fair foods and at which fairs in the U.S. they will be served up later this year.

Deep-fried Butter Balls: Deep in the heart of Texas at the Texas State Fair is where many a traveler may find deep fried butter balls. These golf ball sized scoops of whipped butter are rolled in sweetened dough and put in a deep fryer, then served and eaten while they are hot. 2013 Fair dates: September 27 – October 20

Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick: It’s a manageable mess on a stick. Yes, apparently it’s possible to eat this normally sloppy meal in a few bites. Cooked spaghetti is mashed with meatballs, rolled into a ball and gets garlic batter slathered all over it before it’s dropped into the deep fryer. The ball of Italian goodness is then served with a side of marinara sauce. Get a taste of this Italian treat at the Minnesota State Fair from August 22 – September 2.

Scorpions, Crickets and Grubs – Oh My:  This fair food isn’t for the faint of heart. If you think the fair rides get your stomach churning, what might you think of chocolate covered grubs, scorpions and crickets? Each of these morsels have been deep-fried, smothered in chocolate and served on a stick (with a smile from the chef, I’m sure). If you are feeling daring, these delicacies can be found at the Arizona State Fair which goes from October 11– November 3.

Ice Cream Cheeseburger: Here’s fair food that is a little tamer – an ice cream cheeseburger. Found at the Florida State Fair, this big burger comes topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a generous scoop of deep-fried ice cream that is battered in corn flakes and cinnamon. Fair dates: February 7 – 18.

Fried Jelly Beans: Ever have a craving for a funnel cake and jelly beans at the same time? If so, deep fried jelly beans may hit the spot. The recipe is simple… just dip a jelly bean into batter before tossing it in the deep fryer. Get this sweet, breaded treat at the Massachusetts State Fair which runs September 13 -29.

Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard it all, a new deep fried fair food shows up. What’s your favorite bizarre fair food and where can you find it?



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