Tips to Avoid Spring Break Scams

venice city_smIt’s warm, a week-long and fun for the whole family. Spring break is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you are ready to trade in the doldrums of snow and cold weather for white sand beaches and a blast of sunlight to recharge your spirit. Whether you are headed to a family theme park for the holiday or leaving the states for a little R&R in your own tropical paradise, remember that during busy travel season travel scams can occur.

To help avoid common travel scams, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips:

• Verify the business you are booking your trip through. A business can be verified by doing a little research online and looking for their rating through the Better Business Bureau.1

• Don’t sign on the dotted line until you read the agreement carefully. Like any important agreement, scour booking documents carefully to be certain you understand all associated fees and details of the document. • Always pay with a credit card. A good credit card company will allow you to dispute fraudulent charges, if they should occur.

• False bookings. Before traveling, confirm all arrangements including the airline, cruise line and/or hotel. Even though you have paid for the trip in full, it’s possible that your actual reservations may not appear as planned.

• Grandparent Scam: Some scammers get ahold of ID’s while a young person is on vacation and then call the person’s grandparents, pretend to be their grandchild and ask for money to help them out of a bind. Beware of this scam and always have family members pass along their travel information before leaving so you know how to contact them to very these phony calls for help are not legit.2

• Safeguard your valuables. Use the safe in your hotel room for your valuables like extra cash, passports, travel documents, and cell phones. Change the code to your safe daily and don’t write it down on paper in the hotel room.3

• Use only authorized taxis. Passengers have been robbed or kidnapped when using unauthorized taxis. Verify the taxi service used by the area you are visiting.3

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