Up and Coming Travel Destinations for 2013

TurkeyMany of us begin each New Year filled with good intentions to lose weight or better ourselves in some way. Now that we are a few weeks in to 2013, how are you doing? If you are like 72% of the population who make new years resolutions, you may not be doing as well as you hoped.1 But, perhaps one might have a far easier time keeping a resolution to travel in the New Year – especially if the travel is to one of these up-and-coming destinations.

Scotland, United Kingdom
Dramatically beautiful countryside, mist-filled highlands and centuries old castles make Scotland a great place to visit in 2013. Visitors can explore miles and miles of coastline and hundreds of historical sites like ancient battlefields that serve as monuments to kings from days gone by. The country is also filled with magnificent architecture travelers can see by touring one of many towering cathedrals or abbeys nestled in Scotland’s bustling cities.

Kosice, Slovakia
Kosice has been selected as the 2013 capital of culture by European Commissioner for Education. And it’s no wonder –  with a vibrant mix of old town medieval and renaissance baroque, this city’s stunning architecture is enough to captivate anyone’s mind. It’s been named the capital of culture and the city has planned 30 cultural festivals to celebrate in 2013. So what can visitors expect at these events? Anything that draws on the city’s Slovakian and Hungarian heritage including music, theatre, art and street performers.2

Sri Lanka
Since their civil war ended in 2009, Sri Lanka’s tourism has been growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes known as the undiscovered country, this fresh, new territory is sure to add spice to any traveler’s agenda. Marvel at endless beaches and timeless ruins, while taking time to get to know the country’s friendly people. Don’t forget to check out the local eats fit for a foodie. The country also has plenty of national parks where travelers can see exotic birds, monkeys, elephants and leopards in their natural habitat.

If your travels take you to Turkey, you could be in for a pleasant treat discovering the country’s impressive history. From larger-than-life historical figures like Julius Caesar, who “came, saw and conquered,” to St. Paul spreading his message of hope, Turkey has much for travelers to learn.3 Turkey also offers amazing diversity between its borders. Visitors can overlook the landscapes of ancient Mesopotamia in the Eastern part of the country and enjoy mountains and Aegean beaches in other parts of the country.

 Do you have an impressive travel destination you would like to nominate for a “must go to” place in 2013? Share it with us below!




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