Planning holiday travel? Handy packing tips that add convenience to your trip.

Let’s face it – planning and packing for holiday travel can be stressful, but when you add in the bulk of cold weather clothing and complication of bringing holiday gifts and packing for the whole family, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The answer? Simplify with these cold weather packing tips:

Solution for Bulky Clothes

As the weather cools down, most of us love warming up in our favorite, warm sweater or sweatshirt. But, these bulky items can be hard to pack. Be smart about packing and bring items that can be worn in layers and mixed/matched with other items so you don’t need to pack as much. Rolling these types of clothing also helps them to better fit into the limited space of a suitcase.

A Word About Boots
Love them or hate them, cold weather often calls for bringing boots to your destination. If you pack them in your suitcase, use the inside to store undergarments, toiletries and other small things. Or, if you can, wear the boots while traveling to avoid them taking up space in your suitcase.

 A Dual-Purpose Coat
It’s big and bulky but needed to keep us warm in cold weather. While a winter coat is a necessity and may take up a lot of room in a suitcase, try taking it with you on the plane and using it for a pillow or blanket during long flights.

Tis’ the Season for Treats & Eats
Though the TSA allows pies and cakes to be brought on-board, the best advice might be to leave the baking until you arrive at your destination. Baked goods are subject to extra scrutiny and screening which may hold up the security line even longer. The same words of advice apply when traveling with gifts – either buy them at your destination or mail them to your destination. If you must travel with them, leave them unwrapped because TSA officials will need to unwrap any gifts for screening.

Skis and Winter Sports Gear
It’s no secret that most airlines charge for checked bags, so are you sure that bringing your skis and sports gear is a better idea than renting them? Consider saving yourself money and hassle by renting gear when you arrive at your destination. As an added bonus, renting gear may allow you to try out new or different styles.

Ship Items
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to free up room in your suitcase is to ship overly bulky items to your destination. This works particularly well if you are returning from a stay with newly purchased items or gifts. One word of caution: Because shipping isn’t without error, the items shipped may best be ones that you can “live without” in case something happens to your package en route.

What are your holiday travel and packing secrets?

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