Get “Rich” Quick, Through Travel


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If you’re active in social media, you’ve likely seen this quote splashed across popular sites like Facebook and Pinterest in recent weeks. And if you’re seeing it for the first time, it will likely resonate with you as it has with so many others. With so many Facebook “Likes” and shares, I began to wonder about its popularity.

If this bit of folk wisdom made sense to so many, why are some watching more closely or adjusting their travel budgets, as a recent Travel Guard survey indicates? Obviously a struggling economy plays a part. But at a time when many are tightening their travel budgets, are some missing out on the chance to “strike it rich?” That’s why today we’re sharing ways you can get “rich” through travel – or die tryin’.

It’s important to remember that any vacation can be well within reach, if you follow a few simple rules. The secret? Planning is key. Here are six tips that will help even the most frugal of travelers reconsider passing on this year’s vacation, and the richness it can offer.  

Set a date. When you set a date well in advance – I recommend at least 12 months for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your finances and accommodate changes to your itinerary as the date approaches. In this article, see more tips on planning ahead to secure the best deals, especially for cruise vacations.

Consider a travel partner or group. Partnering with another travel-lover, couple or group, helps you share hotel, cruise cabin, rental car and meal expenses, plus, you’ll enjoy a sense of security and support you may not if you travel alone.

Be flexible. Taking a vacation without spending a fortune means being flexible and considering all your options, even the roads less traveled. After all, in travel, as in life, the best experiences can often be found where you least expect!

Get creative. Have you ever considered a dude ranch vacation? Voluntourism or mission travel? When it comes to exploring the world’s most exotic and coveted destinations, getting there can sometimes require a little creativity. Missed out on the family creative gene? Your travel professional can help.

Timing is everything. Great pricing is easy, if you know when to look. One trick to spending less, and having lots of fun, is to time your travel with off-peak seasons. Not only are hotels, cruises and even restaurants, more affordable during slow tourist seasons, but merchants often lower their prices too, due to slower traffic.

Get it covered. By purchasing a travel insurance plan, even the thriftiest of travelers may feel more confident knowing they can be covered if an unforeseen sickness, injury or other covered reason affects travel plans. 

When you start with a few simple rules, and a bit of planning, even trips that might seem like they’ll break the bank can make you rich in the end.

We want to hear your best budget travel tip. As always, share these tips with friends and add your own in the comments below!

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