2012 Spring Break Travel Trends

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. With warmer weather it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time off from work and recharge.

So what’s happening this spring break season? Travel Guard recently polled some of our travel agent partners to learn where their clients are traveling this season, whom they’re traveling with, and where they will likely be staying. 

When are they booking? Many agents mentioned their clients are planning ahead when it comes to spring break travel. Forty percent of agents who responded reported that most of their clients booked spring break travel four to six months in advance of departure, while 29% saw the majority of clients booking two to three months ahead, and 24% had clients booking one month or less in advance.

Who’s going? Travel Guard also learned that most people with children try to make spring break a family affair.  Sixty-eight percent of agents surveyed responded that the majority of the spring break travel they booked for 2012 was for parents and their children. In contrast, 10% of agents polled saw most of their spring break business from empty nesters.

Where are they staying? As far as the type of accommodations spring break travelers are seeking out, most had booked an all-inclusive resort (52%) although cruises were next in line (15%), followed by full service hotels (13%), limited service hotels (8%) and vacation rentals (7%).

What’s most important? The price of accommodations (38%) isn’t necessarily the determining factor in a spring vacation this year. Thirty-two percent of agents responded that the range of available activities was the determining factor, followed by perceived value (22%).

What’s your spring break destination this year? Tell us about it!

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