How to Find a Babysitter While on Vacation

If you’re a parent, you might be excited about taking a spring break trip with your family this year. And though treating your kids to time away from home is certainly something to look forward to, having your own “adult’s vacation” within your family vacation is often equally appealing.

But how can you find a babysitter for your upcoming vacation?

If you’ll be staying at a resort, many have built-in childcare available. Call ahead to find out what their hours of service are and to schedule time in advance so they’re not fully booked before you arrive. Another option is to check with the concierge desk at your hotel for local childcare providers or placement agency referrals.

If you stay in a hotel or vacation rental property, you can also contact an online agency such as or Both agencies conduct background checks, screening and even let parents access the sitter’s profiles, references and contact information on their website.1 To get in on the online option, post the job at least two weeks in advance to allow yourself a better chance at getting the right sitter. The post requires the date and time the sitter is needed, the responsibilities the sitter will have, the range of pay and a short blurb about your kids. After applicants for the babysitting job come rolling in, you will be able to narrow down sitters by reviewing cover letters, profiles, background and references. To be certain the babysitter is one that you’d like to hire, sometimes a video interview via Skype is helpful so you can pick up mannerisms and personality.

Go ahead and enjoy your family and time away from home. Make sure you enjoy some personal time with your significant other as well by planning ahead for a grown-up’s night out. If you have any vacation babysitting tips you’d like to share, please post a comment below.



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