Valentine’s Day Apps: You’ll Get a Kick Out of These

Like it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. My plans? To do the traditional thing – go out to dinner and enjoy a decadent dessert afterwards. For those of you that are also participating in the standard trappings of Valentine’s Day, here’s something that will make it entertaining: Valentine’s Day apps. That’s right; apparently you can now celebrate your sweetie, no matter the distance, via SmartPhone. Taken or single, here are a few apps that you will surely get a kick out of this Valentine’s Day.

Comic Book: What’s life without a little laughter? This app lets you download a photo and spice it up using thought bubbles, graphics and a ton of comic book expressions.  After you are done creating, you can send it to your sweetheart, no matter the distance between you. This app is also a great way to personalize your travel photos and make vacation memories.

MyLanguage and Phrasebook: Learn how to say important words in French… or almost any language for that matter. These apps have 551 languages available. Simply type in the words you wish to say to your sweetie (hint: I love you) and get an immediate translation. Of course this app can be used in other ways, too. Use it when you travel to translate almost any language.

Photo Heart Locket: Perhaps this is the better option for those who would have to travel quite the distance to see their significant other. Photo Heart Locket is an app that downloads wallpaper to frame your favorite photos in over-the-top, mushy Valentine’s themes. Tacky? Yes. Fun? You be the judge.

Flower Garden: Who needs to send actual flowers to their significant other when you can “grow” them right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? The app is free and is able to make a bouquet for someone special. Digital green thumbs can seed, water, grow and empty the pot or cut flowers for bouquet requests. You can even use color dust to change the colors of your flowers.

Greetings on BBM: If you have a Blackberry Smartphone, this app allows you to send personalized, seasonal greetings for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Got a great Valentine’s or travel app you’d like to share? Let us know below!



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