Travelers Choosing Sun and Slopes This Winter

What are your top concerns when heading out on a winter trip? For the travelers we surveyed, getting to and from winter vacation destinations remains half the battle, with unpredictable weather conditions a top concern. Read on to read more surprising survey results on winter travel:

With the winter travel season just beginning, both warm weather cruises and winter wonderlands remain appealing getaways this year.  According to a recent Travel Beat Survey issued by Ruf Strategic Solutions on behalf of Travel Guard North America (,) 85 percent of consumers polled plan to travel for leisure this winter, with 37 percent booking cruises, six percent hitting the slopes and the remainder spending time on other assorted activities like relaxing in a spa, on the beach, sightseeing or visiting family and friends.

 Tropical destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean are the preferred locales for 42 percent of travelers. Only 17 percent of those polled are traveling within the continental United States, and 11 percent are hopping the pond to Europe.  The remaining percentage is traveling elsewhere within North America or to various other locations such as Asia or the Caribbean. More than a third of those polled are taking family vacations (37 percent), while others are opting for couples getaways (32 percent) and trips with friends (27 percent).  Only two percent are traveling solo this winter. Additionally, 84 percent of travelers have already booked their vacation, while 13 percent are hoping to take advantage of last-minute travel deals. 

 In the midst of the busy and often hectic winter travel season, 90 percent of travelers are choosing to purchase travel insurance as a precaution. Seventy-five percent of winter travelers are keep weather-related flight delays and cancellations top of mind while traveling.

 “It seems as if last year’s long winter is still top of mind for many travelers who are now making plans to hit the beach as the temperature begins to drop,” said Carol Mueller, vice president, Travel Guard.  “No matter where they are headed, it’s important to keep in mind the many ways a travel insurance plan can help out in a pinch – whether it’s a ski-related injury or a snowstorm back home that leaves them stuck in the islands.”

 Travel insurance and assistance service plans available through Travel Guard can be purchased online at, through Travel Guard’s 24-hourWorldServiceCenter (800-826-1300), or from one of the more than 12,000 travel agencies who offer travel insurance plans available through Travel Guard. 


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