Thanksgiving Travel Trends

Do you know what a typical person who travels during the Thanksgiving holiday is most concerned about? What do people do to avoid losing money they’ve invested in a Thanksgiving trip? It might not be what you think. We recently surveyed a group of travel agents to find out their clients’ concerns about traveling over the busiest travel holiday of the year. Read on for a few surprising facts about the Thanksgiving travel season.

  • Hitting the Road:
    The majority of agents polled (59%) said their clients plan to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. The reason for their travel? Eighty percent say family is the primary reason they are traveling.
  • Cost Concerns:
    It’s no surprise that travel costs have increased over the last year. Maybe that’s why more than half the agents (51%) noted their clients’ top concern was the price to get to their desired travel destination. This year, of those traveling, 29% of clients have booked non-stop travel to avoid missing connections due to short layovers and losing money in the process. Another 29% plan on extending their vacation by leaving earlier than normal and staying longer to avoid crowds and bumped flights. Some agents (27%) noted that more clients are planning to drive this year to avoid pricier flights.
  • The Early Bird Catches the Flight:
    Nearly half (49%) of travel agents’ clients will be at the airport up to three hours ahead of their departure time to guarantee their seats on overcrowded flights. A wise plan, if you ask me!
  • Home for the Holidays:
    While the overwhelming majority of clients (73%) will be staying with family over the holiday, 23% are taking advantage of the long weekend by booking getaways at hotels or all-inclusive resorts.
  • Packing Coverage:
    Because Thanksgivng is a heavy travel time in America, it could mean more delayed flights and trip interruptions than normal. Add the potential for severe winter weather to the mix and things could quickly get ugly. Maybe that’s why travel agents reported that 72% of their clients who will travel this Thanksgiving holiday have purchased an insurance plan to cover their trip. After all, who wants to risk being out all that money they paid to travel?
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