Chance to Win an iPad®2!

Who doesn’t like prize giveaways? That’s what I asked myself as I read over the rules of our latest contest. By now you may have heard of our World’s Unluckiest Traveler: 2 the Rescue contest, where contestants send us stories of good-deed-doers in action while they were traveling. Right now, the contest is in the voting period, where one lucky voter who votes for the winning story will win an iPad®2. Wouldn’t you like that lucky voter to be you?!

From October 1-31, a simple click of a button lets you vote for your favorite story for a chance to win. Vote for your favorite story and then tell your friends and family to vote for that story too.

An iPad®2 could be in your future! (Isn’t that exciting?) Click here to get in on the prize give away!!

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