Cajun Cheese Curds and Other Food Adventures

Did you ever notice that when people come back from vacation they almost always mention where or what they ate? I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself a “foodie”, but I do like to try local specialties wherever I travel.  For both serious foodies and those who, like me, just enjoy sampling local fare, these food experiences might be worth checking out on one of your next trips:

  • Being a resident Cheesehead and self-proclaimed cheese curd aficionado myself (my favorite flavor is Cajun, best eaten while still warm and squeaky, though deep-fried cheese curds are a close second), I have to start with the Wisconsin cheese tour. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board offers a map of the state with 116 cheesemakers and retail stores.  Not only can you taste-test your favorite fromage, but you can also glean a bit of Wisconsin history, too. Download your free map here.
  • When The Gutsy Traveler recently featured Extreme Chocolate in her foodie blog, I knew that a Swiss chocolate factory tour was going to have to land on my list of “new places to travel”.  Any tour offering 30 types of chocolate to taste is one I want to take!
  •  For those interested in liquid fare, check out Tales of the Cocktail on Tour, traditionally hosted in New Orleans, but “on tour” Feb 12-14, 2012 in Vancouver.  If the 2010 event is any indication (where they went through 5,804 bottles of liquor and 19,640 pounds of ice), this sounds like one spirited event!
  • Did you know that rated Traverse City as the #1 Foodie City in America? Visit their CVB website to download a self-guided tour map and begin your unique culinary adventure. You’ll find award-winning wines and restaurants along with food artisans (brewers, bakers, cheesemakers, candymakers) and more, all in the Cherry Capital of the World in this Lake Michigan resort town.
  • Home to the Foodtopian Society (the farm-to-table movement), Asheville, NC is another great destination for foodies.  This city boasts 12 farmers markets and nearly 250 independent restaurants. 

What food memories have you made while on vacation? We’d love to hear your story!  Click the “Leave a comment” link below.

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