It’s Hurricane Season; why not take a trip?

As I listened to the news this morning, something caught my attention… another hurricane is churning in the Atlantic. Two days ago, I considered the story something like a pesky nuisance – it was too far away to bother me and only a category two. Today’s a different story. Now the storm is a projected to become a powerful category 4, and it’s making its way towards Florida and projected to head up the East Coast. With all the drama, I can’t help but wonder how many travelers’ plans will be interrupted – whether it’s a vacation home made uninhabitable, flights cancelled or delayed, or simply no beach time for vacationers looking to have fun in the sun. So, why is hurricane season such a popular time to travel? And if your plans are threatened by a storm, what’s a person to do? Turns out, a recent survey we distributed to travel agents sheds some light on why their clients choose to travel during hurricane season and why these same clients think that long-planned trip to the coast is worth their risk.

For those that may not know, hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 – directly in the midst of the busiest time of year to travel, when families vacation in the summer, and honeymoon season is in full swing. So it’s no surprise that 49% of travel agents’ clients book trips this time of year – it’s most convenient for them because the kids are out of school and they can use their vacation time. The poll indicates that the majority of vacationers during hurricane season tend to be families (38%) although couples (34%) are a close second because of honeymoon season.

For some folks, hurricane drama on the coast isn’t an issue. Perhaps they like the benefits of traveling out at sea on a cruise during the sunny season (44% of survey respondents shared this sentiment). Wherever travelers are headed during hurricane season, more than half are spending a fair amount (between $2,000 – 4,999) on their trip. Whether those vacationing in hurricane-prone areas choose to cruise, like to sightsee or relax closer to shore, everyone should keep hurricane predictions top of mind before heading out.

Like the majority of people, I think there are great reasons to travel to the coast during hurricane season. National forecasts certainly give me enough warning to pack up and head out if a hurricane or tropical storm is headed my way. But, I must say I’m in agreement with most of our survey takers when it comes to covering my hard-earned trip investment. Like you, I’d hate to lose money on a vacation that’s only started – or hasn’t even started yet. Most people (89%) indicate that they’d take out a travel insurance plan to cover their vacation investment during hurricane season. Not a bad idea since people work long and hard for a much-needed break. I may be a bit partial, but check out a Travel Guard plan to cover you for inclement weather and other unforeseen travel events. Trust me; you’ll travel much more confidently.

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