WIN by telling us your story!

What do you think of when you hear the word “hero?” When I think of the word “hero” a person with super-human powers comes to mind. On a more realistic level, someone wearing a badge or in military uniform … possibly even my neighbor who plowed my driveway after a few feet of snow fell in last year’s blizzards.

 But what would those heroes look like when I’m traveling? I suppose they could take the form of a poised flight attendant keeping passengers calm during air turbulence. Maybe it’s the friendly passer-by who offers to be an on-site tour guide in an unfamiliar place. Or maybe it’s the story of an American visitor in Kenya who saved the lives (and lunches) of his tour group by fending off a savage baboon. Seriously. One look at this story and you’ll see why it’s in the running to win big. The great thing is YOU COULD WIN BIG too, if you share your travel hero story with us!

Do you have a story about a hero who saved your vacation? We’d like to hear your true travel stories about heroes that saved your trip. Might it be a boisterous bellman who fended off a thieve? Possibly a native protected you from a vicious animal? Friendly passerby returns your dropped wallet? All these types of stories and more would make great entries into our World’s Unluckiest Traveler: 2 the Rescue contest. Tell us about your travel hero and get a chance to win $2,000 in round trip airfare! The hero you tell us about could win a $10,000 hero’s vacation to reward him/her for their good deed. Learn more and enter to WIN now!

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