Into the mind of an adrenaline junkie

Do you like adventure travel? I must confess, sometimes I’m a downright adventure junkie. Kayaking through remote northern territories, running through an urban jungle or camping on what seems like the edge of civilization. It’s like seeking an adrenaline rush comes natural to me.

As it turns out, more and more Americans are adding some type of adventure to their travels, too. At least, that’s what the results of one of our recent travel agent polls convey.

When it comes to planning an adventure-focused vacation, 29% of agents say most of their clients head to Central and South America to seek their very own adventurers’ paradise. African safaris are also popular, among travelers; 21% of agents citing Africa as the most popular destination to partake in seeking out wild animals in remote locations.

If going into the wild doesn’t have you at hello, chances are you are like me and seek a challenge from nature itself (camping, anyone?). According to the poll, 30% of adventure travelers seek out snorkeling/scuba, hiking/climbing (23%) and skiing/snowboarding (4%) to fulfill their adrenaline need. What’s your adventure of choice?

Whatever your adventure high, chances are you’re experiencing the most from your destination before going home. Most thrill seekers truly “go the distance” when embarking on a getaway.  Sixty-five percent of adventure travelers strive to get the most out of their action-packed journeys by booking six to10-day getaways and 26% book 11-14 day trips.

So, if you are into adventure travel, what’s there to worry about? Plenty, according to the poll. While adrenaline junkies like surprises, a surprise emergency room visit or shocking, non-refundable, high cost airfare aren’t one of them. Due to the nature of these concerns, most adventure travelers (86%) see the need for and purchase travel insurance plans for adventure travelers.

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