Second Honeymoon? Some Empty Nesters say, “I do!”

With the kids out of the house, some “empty nesters” use their newfound time to reconnect. That’s why many middle-aged couples who may have just sent their kids on honeymoons, may choose to take one themselves.

With their new-found freedom, many empty nesters now make spur of the moment vacation decisions and may even find themselves with more finances to play with. Are you an empty nester inspired to take a trip? Where would you go?

Mexico is a popular honeymoon destination for its mix of beautiful beaches and rich culture. San Miguel de Allende was recently named one of the best cities by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. Couples can explore the city’s magnificent architecture together, see the artwork of painter Frida Kahlo, and enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the city’s famous restaurants.

Italy never fails with romantic options for couples, no matter what their age. Rome offers some of the best restaurants in the world and a number of cultural landmarks like the Coliseum, located in the city’s Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood. The popular tourist destination was built in the 1st century A.D. and could hold 7,000 individuals. The city of Fontana di Trevi offers a relaxing 250-year-old-fountain with lush, beautiful Italian scenery to boot.

After the travails of raising children, why not opt for a change of scenery? The best vacation might in fact be a combination of all of these ideas. And without as many responsibilities, empty nesters have the time to do exactly that.


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