Could your story be a winning entry?

Helen N. poses with the "hero" that saved her honeymoon.

Our “World’s Unluckiest Traveler 2 the Rescue” contest is in full swing. Can bad luck really bring out the best in people? This submission certainly has us believing that all hope is not lost. 

Will they win round trip airfare for two, or will you?

Honeymoon Angel
Visualize this: Our honeymoon was in Nevis, West Indies. We had booked a full 10 days in a resort we thought would be paradise.

Unfortunately, it was paradise complete with lizards in the bathroom sink, cockroaches large enough to kidnap your children, and an AC system that sounded like a boat motor all night. We barely made it through the night. Feeling terrible, we went out for breakfast. On the way back to the hotel, we saw Nelson Spring Resort where our angel, Jan, felt our massive emotional stress. It was our honeymoon, in a foreign place. She showed us a gorgeous beach front villa and offered us a wonderful rate, advice to abort our stay at our other location,  helped us with trading in our poor excuse of a car rental, and had a beautiful fruit bowl with wine waiting for us that afternoon.

She became a good friend during our stay, and even offered us some parting gifts as we left the island. We did have an unfortunate theft incident while there, but it was a private facility and nothing was done to resolve it. But Jan was an angel to us then.
– Helen N.

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